Matches for your Marketing Strategy

In search of the perfect marketing strategy, companies often ignore a time-tested methodMarketing with Matchbooks and Matchboxes that has been used successfully for decades within a wide range of industries: creating and using personalized matches, i.e. matchbooks and matchboxes, for your marketing strategy. For businesses, the ability to personalize the look and appearance of these items – including unique colors, messages, and logos – means that they can immediately be used for a wide range of marketing purposes.

Walk into any top hotel, restaurant, bar, or club, and one thing that you’ll immediately notice is how much attention goes into the look and feel of their matchbooks and matchboxes. A five-star hotel or top-ranked restaurant will go for a refined, upscale look, while a new bar or club trying to attract young customers might go for a more youthful, vibrant look. How do they do it?

Here are three reasons to use matchbooks and matchboxes for your marketing strategy.

1. Brand enhancement with Matches

First and most importantly, these personalized matchbooks and matchboxes can be used as the perfect way to enhance a brand. The easiest way to see this branding at work is within the hospitality industry. That’s because the hospitality industry is hyper-competitive, and one easy way to stand out from the pack is by taking every possible opportunity to enhance your brand.

Just about any company can benefit from this brand enhancement, regardless of industry. Simply getting your logo and brand name on a matchbook or matchbox may be all that’s required to become top-of-mind whenever a customer or prospect is thinking about making a new purchase. In short, timeless, elegant, and unique book and box matches are the perfect way to fulfill your marketing strategy.

  2. Upscale promotion for your marketing strategy

One important way to promote your business is at events. For example, think of corporate trade shows and business exhibitions. These events are a great way to help market your company, especially if you leave out personalized matchbooks and matchboxes at a table or booth for attendees to take as a promotional gift. These matchbooks and matchboxes are perfect for upscale promotion – and all at a price that your VP of marketing is going to find very affordable, especially if you order them from a trusted wholesaler.

There are so many promotional items that business visitors can take away from events, but how many of them are actually used by people later? That’s the great part about personalized matchbooks and matchboxes, they are simple and practical enough to be used by anyone. You’d be surprised at how many people end up using these matches throughout the year, and whenever they do, they will be thinking about your company.

  3. Customer loyalty

King Fireplace BBQ Specialty Matchbox

King Fireplace BBQ Specialty Matchbox

Finally, many companies used personalized matches — either matchbooks or matchboxes — as welcome gifts for new customers, as well as thank-you presents for long-time customers. Personalized matchbooks and matchboxes are one way to build, develop, and celebrate customer relationships. Truly personalized matchbooks and matchboxes – such as those that display a brief message recognizing a certain milestone, accomplishment, or achievement – can become timeless keepsakes that are proudly displayed at the home or office.

And That’s How Matches work for your Marketing Strategy

What’s most powerful about using personalized matchbooks and matchboxes as part of your marketing strategy is just how cost-effective they really are. Why run expensive print ads or rent expensive billboards when you can reach more customers and make more of an impact with matchbooks and matchboxes? When you order these items wholesale, you will be embracing a proven marketing strategy that has been used successfully for decades to acquire new customers and reward long-time customers.

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