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Antique Slider Matchbox

New Products Launched for Summer of 2022

New Products Launched At Promotional Matches we like to provide our customers with the best custom branded products available. We have expanded to not only offer custom matchbooks and matchboxes, but also custom restaurant and bar products, and more! We recently launched several new products and wanted to share with [...]

July 2022 Specials & Promotions

July 2022 Specials & Promotions We offer some of the best deals in custom matchbooks, matchboxes and other branded products. Below are a few of our July specials and Q3 promotions. Don't forget to sign up for our mailing list to receive an additional 5% off your order! Sale! August [...]

Why does a Match Burn More Quickly when Held Downward?

Why does a Match Burn More Quickly when Held Downward? Why does a match burn more quickly when facing downward? When lighting a birthday candle, it is very convenient to use a long match to light the candle, but it is not as easy to use a short match. Why […]