The Most Expensive Matchbook

The Most Expensive Matchbook

Matchbooks have been around since the late 1800’s and matchbook covers just as long.  What is the most coveted and most expensive matchbook cover ever printed?  The famous Charles Lindbergh matchbook cover is the most coveted in the world.  It is dated June 14, 1927 and sold for $6,000 in 2015.


Charles Lindbergh Matchbook Cover Inside

In 1952, the listed value was $100. That’s more than a Honus Wagner baseball card. Apparently, only about 200 were made to be handed out at a special dinner in which 3,200 guests attended at the Astor Hotel in New York honoring Lindbergh’s 1927 flight across the Atlantic.

Nobody really knows why this book is so rare. One strong possibility is that it was withheld and discarded because Captain Lindbergh was promoted to Colonel the week before, rendering the matchbook completely inaccurate. In 2012, there were 11 known to exist, almost all are hidden in private collections. Even the most advanced hobbyists will go an entire lifetime without ever seeing one in person.

Another Lindbergh Special

Another Charles Lindbergh luncheon matchbook cover was dated the following day, June 15, 1927.  There are only two known in existence.  Several top collectors claim to have seen one — in person or in a picture – but most people have only heard rumors that it actually exists.  And here it is!  You are among the very few who have actually seen this matchbook cover.  In itself, not a very ingenious logo, but apparently, in this instance, the subject matter is more important than the creativity of the artist.

Charles Lindbergh Matchbook Cover Outside

I hope this tutorial gives you some insight into the realm of matchbook collectibles.  Create your own cover and maybe in another 100 years it will be worth thousands of dollars.

If you still need some help designing your unique matchbook cover, call Liz at (800) 485-4461. She is on on-site staff with the experience to give you just the right edge.

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