Custom Matchbooks for your Business: Classic and Effective Marketing Tools

Custom matchbooks are classic and effective marketing tools that you can use for your business. Functional promotional products can often have the biggest impact because not only will your customers use them, but they will pass along these items to their friends, which can help to attract more interest into your company. Custom matchbooks are the perfect promotional tool to market any business as a souvenir to hand out to your customers. They are a work of art that can be designed in any way so that it can perfectly represent your business to a wide audience of people.

We have many matchbooks to consider: 20-strike, 30-strike, 40-strike, and imported matchbooks.  They come in many colors and styles, but they also carry our guarantee.  We stand behind our products in the quality of our printing and the quality of matchbooks. If you are not 100% satisfied, please call us at 800-485-4461.

Everyone can use a matchbook. People can use these items while they are out camping. Maybe they need to light birthday candles. Matches are not just items for smokers, so you can ensure that your customer will use these matches at some point for something. This is why you will want to pick out a matchbook that has an eye-catching design that will appeal to anyone who sees your matchbook. Getting something that just has your logo in small print on a white background may not get the attention that you are looking for from customers. It is a good idea to pick something with a bold color that complements your company’s logo and colors.

It is also important that you get your logo and company information printed clearly on the matchbooks. Make these a work of art that draws attention to your company information so that potential customers can check you out to see if you can provide products and services that you are looking for. Plain matchbooks just do not cut it. When you custom print your matchbooks, you are not going to spend a ton of money on them. Best of all, you can get a case of these and place them in a spot where customers can grab as much as they want to. This means that there are more of your matchbooks that other potential customers may end up with. Don’t have a business where you can give out matches? Put your printed matches in bars and other similar shops by building a cross-marketing relationship with these other companies so that you can target a new base of customers that you may not have otherwise been able to access.

Matchbooks are highly effective marketing tools as long as you use them properly. Matchbooks are completely customizable, giving you the freedom to get any colors that you want for them. Why choose something like this over more traditional options like pens? For one thing, you can get more area to print your logo, website, address, and phone number than you would get on a pen. You can print on one or both sides on the outside of the matchbook and you can also print on the inside. Really focus on an appealing design to make customers more likely to take them. Plus, these are relatively inexpensive promotional items that you can hand out without worrying too much about how much they cost you. Also, you will get an excellent return on your investment when you get custom matchbooks for your business.


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