What is so Special about a Cigar Match?

Usually, you light a cigar using a match.  But what is so special about the “cigar match” that comes with the box of cigars you just purchased?

Of course, lighting a cigar with a lighter is faster and easier, but lighting a cigar with a cigar match is a classic and gentleman’s way. And there is just something avant-garde about lighting a cigar with a special matchstick.  There is also the aesthetic component of lighting a cigar with a cigar match because of the enhanced aroma and flavor.

gathering of cigar lovers is a “herf” and wooden cigar matchsticks are their choice in matches.  If the correct lighting method is used, the cigar lighting process holds a certain degree of elegance and history.

30-Strike Fast-Turn Domino Custom MatchboxIt takes years of precision and meticulousness for a tobacco tow bundle — a.k.a cigar — to be delivered to you as a high-quality product. It requires a certain amount of respect in how we light and smoke that bundle. There is a degree of history and tradition that is imperative.

To start with, they are special tobacco matches composed of wood rather than cardboard and they are at least 3 1/2 inches long. To ensure that the sulfur in the clubhead does not spoil the taste of the cigar, the clubhead has been made sulfur-free.

When lighting anything with a traditional match, you strike the head of the match against the flint to ignite it. Then you immediately move the match to the object to be ignited. However, when using a cigar match, you wait until the fire is completely lit before touching the cigar tip. Since wood burns the cleanest, it may take up to three matches to light a cigar.

Cigar Match Composition

Our cigar matchsticks consist of thin wooden strips, usually soft wood such as aspen, white pine, aspen, or silk cotton. Then it is soaked in ammonium phosphate, which helps to prevent the smoldering of matches. It is also a flameSpecialty Pilllow Pouch Cigar Matchbox retardant and paraffin wax.

After the soak, it is immersed in a chemical mixture solution of potassium chlorate, antimony trisulfide, powder glass, and glue. This combination of chemicals makes the stick a reddish color. The percussion bars of the cardboard boxes of these matchsticks are made of a mixture of powdered glass and phosphorous.

The strict adherence to the quality production of these matches ensures their safety and quality. With the advent of modern technology and considering ease of use, butane lighters were introduced to light cigars, but cigar matches are still the choice of cigar connoisseurs. Style, category, and pride, all these are labels attached to “cigars.”

Try any of our cigar matches!  You won’t be disappointed.

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