Why Should I Promote My Products?

Why you should promote your products is important to you as a bookkeeper, marketing rep, owner, and sales representative. You need to know that the bottom line is going to increase as a result of your spending money on items that you are going to give away. Promotional professionals are no strangers to the power of Promotional Matchboxespromotional products, and if you’re in the promo business, you probably already know just how impactful they can be for a company or organization. But unless you’ve been around since the beginning, you might not know all these cool facts!

  1. The first imprinted promotional products were used by George Washington in 1789 as a part of his campaign for president. They didn’t mention that in Hamilton!
  2. Eight in 10 people like receiving promotional products.
  3. Seven in 10 people wish they received promotional products more often!
  4. Ninety-six percent of consumers want to know ahead of time when companies offer promotional products.
  5. Virtually everyone who receives promotional products will keep at least one.
  6. The “Father of Promotional Products,” Jasper Meek, started using burlap bags to promote small businesses in 1896.
  7. Almost nine out of 10 people can recall the company that gave them branded promotional products.
  8. The top five industries purchasing promo products are the business services, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and financial industries.
  9. The biggest reason consumers decline to keep a promotional product is because they have no use for it. However…
  10.  Seventy-nine percent of people pass along promotional products that are no longer valuable to them by regifting, selling, or donating the items. That means they end up in even more hands!