Custom Wedding Matchbooks

If you are looking for a simple but effective way to create the perfect wedding experience, then you should consider custom wedding matchbooks. The level of customization for each of these wedding matchbooks is up to you. You could choose to include a logo, a photo, a brief message — usually no more than two lines of text — or even a hashtag (for young, social media-savvy millennials!). #customweddingmatchbooks

The primary allure of these custom wedding matchbooks is to enhance the overall branding of your wedding event. At a time when every element of your wedding has been planned down to the smallest detail, why would you want to go with plain white matchbooks? By adding a logo or message, and then ordering the custom wedding matchbooks from a wholesaler, you can get exactly the right color, look and feel. Everything will be completely on the brand on your most important day!

At the wedding itself, these custom wedding matchbooks can play several different roles. Most importantly, they can be used as low-cost wedding favors that you hand out to every attendee of your wedding. Custom wedding matchbooks are small enough to fit into any size wedding favor bag, and offer a lasting memory for anyone who attended. Often, these custom wedding matchbooks wind up in scrapbooks or other mementos of the event and can provide a lifetime of memories for friends and families.

You can also choose to put small cups or buckets of these matches in strategically placed parts of your wedding venue, such as a special cigar bar area, or any outdoor patio area where guests may go to enjoy a cigar or cigarette. If you browse the different photos posted on any wedding planning blog or on a social network like Pinterest, you’ll be amazed at the creativity of wedding planners in making these customer wedding matchbooks the center of attention wherever they are placed. They sometimes appear in vases or in cups, other times they are part of a more elaborate display involving flowers, chalkboards or messages attached to every matchbook. Some even place the matchbooks next to the place settings for a wedding, ensuring that every guest has one before the event has even ended.

And that brings us to perhaps the most creative – and spectacular – use for a custom wedding matchbook: the sparkler send off. This “farewell sparkler” ceremony is particularly popular for summer weddings when all the guests can head outdoors at the moment the couple exits from the party, grab a matchbook and sparkler, and form two rows. Usually, wedding planners will construct a unique little station for the matchbooks and sparklers. The matchbooks can even be attached to the sparklers for maximum effect. As soon as all the sparklers are lit, the couple walks between them. The sparklers illuminating the dark summer sky makes for some truly memorable photos.

The best part about ordering custom wedding matchbooks is that if you have any left over after the event, you can re-use them for follow-up wedding anniversary parties! Imagine showing up for a 5-year, 10-year, or 25-year anniversary with these treasured mementos from a spectacular wedding day in the beloved past!  Our 20-strike, 30-strike and 40-strike matchbooks make the best impressions.


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