About our Custom Color Matchbooks

Our Custom Color Matchbooks

Are you interested to promote your business with custom color matchbooks? That’s a great idea. It is one of the most profitable solutions to promote your brand. For the past several years, we have served a wide range of clients with the best Custom Color Matchbook collections. Some of the most popular products available at our terminal include promotional cigar matches, napkins and custom matches that can be easily customized as per the logo title.

Matches are some creatively designed miniature works of art. They are suitable for casinos, hotels, restaurants, bars, product launches, and many other special events. Most of the big brands and several growing businesses are taking benefits from these color matches these days.

Minimum Order Details

You can order your custom matches from our website to ensure high-quality delivery. We accept a minimum order from 50 to  1,000 pieces and the matches are shipped within 20 working days after the receipt of match proof approval. We provide a color proof a– for no charge — with every new custom match order.

Production Time

It is clearly understood that this custom matchmaking process is a complicated and time-consuming process. We try to complete it within at least three working days while ensuring deep attention to all color details. However, proofs that are not approved within 20 working days can be canceled with an additional fee of $40.00.

Laser Printed Proofs

We follow laser printing technology to create our proofs. The simplified PMS colors are indicated separately and the four-color process artwork may also print differently when actually printed by the customers as colors are not guaranteed. All the proofs for the matching process are transferred via U.S. mail.

Cancelation Policy

Per the cancelation policy of the company, if the client cancels any order prior to its completion, he/she has to take full responsibility for the 100% assembled product, 75% for the printed stock and 50% for any unprinted product.

The minimum split shipment order for matchbook and matchboxes is 20 cases per year with a criterion of minimum 10 cases per year for minimum shipment. Note that, all shipments are desired to be completed within one year.

The stocks are prepared as per the order placed by the client and our team put best effort to create the best combinations of approved material. We make use of specialized custom colorizing process to serve clients with top quality. Our Custom Color Matchbook will help you to promote your business with impressive customization. You can visit our website to collect complete details about available custom match options. Prefer to finalize your details carefully as this process is quite complicated to sudden changes are not tolerable on the way. Once the proofs are finalized, our design team starts producing color matches using the latest technologies. The production time may take a little longer but we are dedicated to ensuring the quality of our matches. Place your order as soon as possible to get the best services for your custom match needs.

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